Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.


If you are ready to reduce your stress, look good and feel better naturally, then grab this FREE copy of my 6-Day Quick and Healthy Recipe Meal Plan! 


Hi, I'm Melissa! 

A certified holistic health coach, lifestyle mentor and experienced event professional.

As an event professional, it is your job to ensure that every single detail is taken care of and that all of your events are executed flawlessly. You are a multi-tasking machine with daily deadlines and mile-long to-do lists! 

You are busy trying to balance your work life with family, friends, travel and trying to find time to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. 

Given my 20 years in the hospitality industry and 15 years as an event professional, I understand the pressure, stress and fast pace of that life.

My mission is to help you reduce your stress levels, create healthy lifestyle habits and find some balance in your busy life, because how are you going to be your best when you don't feel your best? 



Corporate Wellness

A healthy team is a productive team. Inspire, motivate and engage your employees through the power of corporate wellness. 

1:1 Coaching

Feeling super stressed? Working long hours? Eating unhealthy? Traveling frequently? I will create a customized wellness plan that is tailored to your busy lifestyle. 


Engage and empower your audience to make the first step towards lifelong wellness. I will inspire and empower event professionals to regain control of their health. 

Meal Plans

Your days are long and you are extremely busy. Let’s make life easier for you and create a meal plan that will work with your busy schedule.

Studies by Forbes rank event coordination among the top 5 most stressful careers, right behind being a police officer, airline pilot, firefighter and enlisted military personnel.  

Benefits of working with Melissa Mongoven

Learn simple lifestyle changes that will drastically reduce your stress and increase your energy, even on-site.

Find out what is causing your weight gain, bloated belly, sleepless nights, fatigue and racing thoughts. 

Receive coaching from an experienced event professional who understands exactly what you are going through. 

"Four words: Melissa is simply AMAZING! I have a serious sweet tooth and was toying with the idea of cutting sugar out of my diet for at least a month to see how I would feel. After a long two weeks of travel and eating whatever I wanted, I spoke with Melissa and she gave me all the necessary tips to cutting down on sugar little by little. Cutting sugar out of your diet completely is very difficult because nearly everything has some type of sugar in it, but Melissa provided me with the right foods to cut out first and so on till my body was no longer craving it. I reached my goal of cutting sugar out of my diet for a month and felt great! I found I had more energy, my skin was clear and I didn’t feel bloated. I honestly couldn’t have gone sugar free without Melissa, her support and guidance helped me be successful. "

Samantha Bernstein
Account Coordinator

Learn how to reduce your stress, establish healthy lifestyle habits and find balance in your busy life. As an event professional, how can you be your best if you don't feel your best.


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