Natural Fertility & Prenatal Nutrition Consulting

According to the CDC, 1 out of 7 couples has trouble conceiving.

The 90-day period prior to conception can potentially change the baby’s genetic code (and, therefore, can affect the next generation after that!). The quality of the egg and sperm start developing during this time. 

We are what we eat – and the baby eats what the mother eats. This is called fetal programming. Therefore, a mother’s nutritional status can alter her baby’s genes! How crazy is that!

Your preconception diet is SO important, so if you are struggling with fertility or simply wanting to be as healthy as possible, then nutritional consulting can help.

Every nutrition consultation is tailored to you, so this is not a cookie cutter program. Everyone is unique and plans are developed based on each person’s health and lifestyle situation. 

Nutrition plans and recommendations are based on whole, natural, nutrient-dense foods and may include suggestions for supplements. 

4 Week Coaching Package: 

  • (1) Initial In-Depth Session- $200 (1.5 hour)
  • (3) Follow-Up Weekly Sessions - $100 per (45 min)

This includes:

  • An in-depth interview where we will talk about all aspects of your health and lifestyle and address any concerns you may have
  • Handout of the top fertility foods & superfoods
  • Handout on the foods to avoid
  • Handout on choosing the right fertility supplements
  • How to track and enhance your fertility
  • How to prepare your body and mind for pregnancy
  • How to read your body and learn if your hormones are in balance
  • 4 Weeks of Meal Plans (sent weekly) 
  • 2 Recipe Guides- Vegetarian and Omnivore
  • Discounts on supplements and at-home hormone tests 


“I started the hormone health course and received Mercier Therapy by Melissa when my husband and I were trying to conceive. I suspected I had some minor hormone imbalances from stress, so thought I should improve my diet and lifestyle to prepare my body for pregnancy. A few months after taking the course and receiving Mercier Therapy while implementing other lifestyle changes, we were pregnant with our first child! We couldn’t be more grateful to Melissa for all of her support. She provided a lot of nutrition advice that was specifically tailored to women trying to conceive.” Jessica W.


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