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Reclaim your health, happiness and hormonal balance!

You will get: 

  • Eat & Do Not Eat Foods List
  • Three Weeks of Meal Plans
  • Vegetarian Recipe Guide
  • Omnivore Recipe Guide
  • Over 100+ Recipes that include Smoothies, Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sides, Dips and Dressings!
  • Food Diary
  • List of Supplements & Herbs
  • Mind & Body Support
  • Disrupting Endrocrine Chemicals Guide
  • Daily Motivational Emails 
  • 21 Daily challenges that you can do from anywhere!
  • 5 Modules of Information & Resources for Hormone Health!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group!

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What People Are Saying:

At 30 years old and 3 years into cancer remission, I thought that I would always feel chronically ill, in pain, tired and lacking the energy I wish I had to keep up with my toddler. I missed my old self and I felt angry at the hand I'd been dealt, and would search endlessly into potential medical interventions that might give me some reprieve. I came across Melissa's hormone reset program, and so much of what she talked about was what I was experiencing. Up until then I had never heard of or considered a hormone reset, but figured I would try it for the 21 days. To say that I've gotten my life back in just 21 days would be an understatement. Not only do I feel far less stress, emotional-swings, physical pain and dips in energy, I feel better than I did prior to receiving my cancer diagnosis. I always thought I wanted to get back to how I used to be, but I never considered that I could experience a quality of life that was even greater. I have become empowered, and now have the tools to be able to make simple changes in my life for the better. I only wish that I had made this investment in myself sooner, but I am grateful that I can now look forward to a life of holistic health and well-being.

Emily M.

Just when I needed it most, Melissa’s 21 Day Hormone Reset was suggested to me. Three weeks later I was down 15 lbs, feeling great and miraculously my psoriasis and cough were gone. My scalp was fully healed, and my chronic cough was gone. My life is different now. I don’t wake up every morning with swollen hands and feet, I’m not coughing and itching all night. The biggest change for me though was my mood and energy. My exhaustion is gone, now I’m never tired. I don’t have the afternoon crash, I don’t feel lethargic and numb. I loved the program, it’s straightforward and Melissa is amazing. It promotes a lifestyle change; it has great recipes and there is so much on mental wellness and self care. To me, it is the most succinct approach to healing physically and emotionally. Not much to lose, it's only 3 weeks of your life and it is worth trying it out. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

Megan O.

I was in the habit of eating poorly and was feeling very tired in the afternoon. Melissa’s 21 Day Challenge was easy to follow and filled with great information and recipes! Following the program left me feeling renewed and energized. Thank you so much Melissa for your enthusiastic and knowledgeable support.

Gill B.

I started the course when my husband and I were trying to conceive. I suspected I had some minor hormone imbalances from stress, so thought I should improve my diet and lifestyle to prepare my body for pregnancy. A few months after taking the course while implementing other lifestyle changes, we were pregnant with our first child! We couldn’t be more grateful to Melissa for all of her support. She provided a lot of nutrition advice that was specifically tailored to women trying to conceive.

Jessica W.