Fertility & Prenatal Nutrition Consulting

If you are struggling with fertility or if you just want to be as healthy as possible before you get pregnant, nutritional consulting can help.   

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Mercier Therapy & Shared Journey Fertility Program

It is important to build a strong foundation before becoming pregnant and this begins in the reproductive organs.

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1:1 Hormone Health Coaching

Feeling stressed? Gaining weight? Horrible PMS? Are you trying everything to feel better and nothing is working? Let's figure out a plan that works for you. 

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Corporate Wellness

A healthy team is a productive team. Inspire, motivate and engage your employees through the power of corporate wellness. Contact me for more details. 

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"I attended two of Melissa's corporate wellness presentations that were hosted by my company - Bust Stress & Boost Energy and Road Warrior Wellness. To put it simply, I learned SO much from her. I work in IT for a corporate meeting and incentive event company, so stress and anxiety are just part of my norm. And when the stress sets in or I'm on the road, my diet takes the biggest hit. That's why I enjoyed Melissa's classes so much. She taught me what to eat and how to make smart choices at realistic places like Starbucks and hotel buffets. Aside from diet, she also has some incredible tips for managing mental health, like exercising in your hotel room or meditating. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience in one of the most stressful industries, not to mention, she is one of the kindest, most down to earth people I've ever met. I would recommend her corporate wellness classes to EVERYONE!"
Allyse Jerome, Creative Group

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