As a holistic health coach, I strive to redefine today’s definition of stress by educating and inspiring event professionals to regain control of their health. To do so, I rely on simplifying complicated health information to help people understand the importance of proper nutrition, and how stressors such as excessive screen time, sleep deprivation, unhealthy food choices, negativity, and perception of stress prevent them from achieving their optimal health and happiness.

As a holistic health coach with 15 years of experience in the demanding world of event planning, I understand fully well the challenges of a hectic professional life in the hospitality industry.

Get in touch to inquire about my lunch and learns, seminar and keynote speaking services. Content may be customized upon request.

Engage and empower your audience to make the first step towards lifelong wellness.

Speaking Topics:

Reduce Stress and Boost Energy

Achieve more mental clarity, improve your performance and feel more energized throughout the day by incorporating and cutting out certain foods to reduce the effects of stress.

Road Warrior Wellness

Learn simple tips and tricks to keep you healthy and energized on the road, even when you are working really long hours.

The Happiness Prescription

Learn simple but effective fatigue-fighting strategies to instantly boost your mood and energy.

Beat your Sugar Cravings for Good

Take control of your nutrition by learning to avoid processed sugar. Achieve greater energy and mental clarity through a healthy, sugar-free diet.


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